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Every detail was given due attention. Yet, the time did not seem tedious because of effective moderating, as well as appropriate stories and examples. Every question, also, was given necessary time and attention.” “Thank you for a packed 3-days.


Great teacher; Great speaking voice & energy.” “Superior!” “Best retirement class I have ever taken!


The info, on NOT doing the TSP Annuity, was a blessing.


Absolutely excellent. Easily one of the best training programs I have participated in as a Federal Employee. Employee should take every 5 years, if possible.

Fairbanks AK/Dirk

Beyond superior class.  I learned a lot, and it sparked my wife and I to start having these essential talks.  The book is a great guide for us to walk through.

Fairbanks, AK/John

1.  Well organized. 2. Socratic approach. 3. Knowledgeable instructor.  4.  Non Commercial – no selling.  5.  Good public speaking skills.  Best I have been to.


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