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We teach, as educators, all civilian employees of the Federal Government, who are under the CSRS and FERS benefits systems. We travel all over the country, and when invited to some places overseas. Some of the agencies include Law Enforcement personnel, Forest Service, Military Reserve Techs, FAA, Fire Fighters and employees with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, to name just a few.

We offer our training to all Federal agencies. Our rates are below our competition, yet our program quality is considered the best and most comprehensive. The goal is to work with federal employees to help them understand their somewhat complicated retirement systems, and help them to make informed decisions regarding their future retirement.

We never try to sell any products in our programs. We are not insurance or financial planning sales people. We are educators, who are there to provide you with clear, up-to-date information about your federal benefits. We care about you and your future.

A Few of Our Clients:

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Founder & President

Ann, founder and president of her woman-owned small business, has over 30 years experience working with federal agencies. With a strict “no selling” policy in effect, she invites the registered employee to bring their spouse to the class, as a guest.

Principal Speaker

Dan has worked with Ann, as a professional speaker, for the past 18 years. His areas of expertise include: CSRS & FERS benefits, issues of Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Military Techs, FAA, Military Time, TSP, Social Security, Medicare and much more. Dan is clear, empathetic and interactive with his audiences.


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